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Capable and Committed with a
Proven Record of Public Service

I’m a public interest attorney who has spent my career working on civil rights issues for the federal government. Now that our family is settled in Falls Church, I also want to serve the place I call home. My husband grew up here, my in-laws have lived here for more than 35 years, and we are raising our son here as a student in the City's schools

I will advocate for City residents and small businesses by focusing on those things that make Falls Church unique -- its strong sense of community, its involved citizenry, its local businesses, its excellent schools, and its green spaces and walkable, tree-lined streets -- and by emphasizing basic City services, safe streets, environmental stewardship and sustainability, and development that delivers the benefits it promises.


Park Ave Trees facing State Theater


The City Council enacts ordinances and resolutions, approves City budgets, sets tax rates, establishes policy, and actively participates in community events and local and regional affairs. I bring a depth of experience and practical sense that position me well to serve in this role. 


I commit to inform City residents of the issues and decisions we face, actively solicit input, and rely on that input to craft a path forward and develop comprehensive solutions. Learn more about my views on good governance, reliable City services, safe streets, environmental stewardship and sustainability, supporting small businesses, affordable housing, and more.

Erin at City Hall podium

My Public Comments

Part of the reason I'm running for City Council is because I'm committed to contributing in a meaningful way to important conversations. See when I've weighed in on recent decisions before the City and learn more about my thinking.

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